Auroville’s Antonio Scirocco is the Italian behind the wood-burning pizza ovens cropping up in restaurants and homes across India. Scirocco came to India in 2008 with his family, when he helped set up Tantos Pizzeria in Pondicherry. He later started the pizza restaurant- Sciro Pizza at the Auroville Visitors Centre where the idea to make pizza ovens first came to him. Scirocco grew up in the kitchen, where his father was a chef at the Apricot’s Restaurant in Italy so his love for baking started early.
Get the LIVE experience of traditional Italian pizza by Chef Antonio with the original taste, baked in wood fired pizza oven.

Date : 20 January 2018
Time : 12 Noon - 1 PM
Venue : OTH Bistro & Bakers,  C-Scheme

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